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Tree pruning is a very specialised skill which requires a lot of expertise and when carried out correctly can greatly enhance the appearance and health and stability of a tree. Unfortunately tree pruning is more often than not carried out incorrectly by inexperienced individuals.. However at Alec Spain Tree care we adhere to the most stringent standards when it comes to tree pruning. All of our work is carried out to BS 3998. Using tried and tested and scientifically proven methods you can be guaranteed that your trees will be stable, healthy and looking great following pruning.

We offer the following services:

Crown Raising: Removal of the lower branches for a variety of reasons. The benefits are increased light penetration, more vehicular and pedestrian access, and the elimination of branch encroachment onto buildings and or other structures.

Crown Thinning: Crown thinning is carried out to reduce the density of the crown of the tree. It does not alter the overall shape of the crown but allows a lot more light through the crown and also reduces the 'Sail' area of the tree, making it less suseptable to damage from high winds

Crown shaping and balancing: This technique is carried out when the crown of the tree has become one sided or unbalanced for a variety of reasons. Branches are reduced or removed to even up the overall weight around the crown.

Crown reduction: Topping of trees is a brutal and archaic practice akin to blood letting and is not the solution for tree pruning. It renders the tree even more dangerous as the resultant regrowth is fragile and susceptible to snapping out. It also renders the tree more susceptible to  rot and fungus. Crown reduction is a technique used to reduce the overall height of a crown of a tree without the catastrophic damage that topping can cause.